An emerging concept-led dance festival is set to launch this summer in Ibiza. Glow in the Park is the name of the event, from the people who brought you Garlands, Viva, MASQ and various other brands, joined with the boss from the famous Cafe Mambo. This 1 day festival is already solidifying its place as a date to be reserved.

Monday 8th August in Benimussa Park – commonly known as the old Ibiza Zoo, is when and where this 1 day festival is set to take place. Each section of the Zoo will be split into various arenas, and each arena will be hosted by some of the UK’s biggest name brands.

Glow in the Park have not yet released the brands that will be hosting these arenas, but judging by the brands behind this festival we can guarantee the scale will be of the biggest proportion. What they have released however is their concept, this festival will feature L.E.D dancers and performers, a complete UV decor makeover, L.E.D balloon drops, firework displays and more.

Glow in the Park tickets will be available to the public from 09:00am 1st April.